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Hotel and Restaurant Furniture Style Guide

Dec. 22, 2022
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Whether you are an amateur in the hospitality industry trying to figure out your establishments distinct identity or an established entrepreneur considering to improve the general feel of your existing setting, it is undeniable that choosing the right hotel and restaurant furniture can be quite challenging.

Without a consultant to help you choose from a wide array of options in the market, it can be quite complicated given that there are many things that you have to consider first to fully optimize the purchase of the furniture pieces.

Your hotel and restaurant furniture is also an investment in a business. Thus, you would want to have a good return of investment from it.

Hotel and Restaurant Furniture Style Guide 2022

The Hospitality industry has four main areas, namely food & beverage, travel & tourism, lodging, and recreation. Hotels fall under the lodging area, while restaurants are under food & beverage.

As the main players in the hospitality industry, it is essential for hotels and restaurants to provide their guests and customers with services that are satisfactory.

One way of achieving this is through making a good first impression of the appearance and aesthetic of the establishment. But it does not end there, the first impression must last. Thus, the looks must be backed with satisfactory experience and efficient service.

Before hurrying into purchasing hotel and restaurant furniture pieces and sets, there are many factors that you have to consider. It is because wrong choices in furniture can be very costly.

Picking the right pieces of furniture for your hospitality establishments firsthand will guarantee cost-efficiency.

This style buying guide will tackle all the essentials to consider when choosing the right hotel and restaurant furniture.

What to Consider with Hotel and Restaurant Furniture



Comfort must always be the top priority consideration when choosing hotel and restaurant furniture. This is true, especially in the hospitality industry. It is because guestsand customersexperiences and satisfaction are vital for your business to grow and attract the market.

It is vital for restaurant owners to maximize the comfort of their seating furniture. Diners are expected to sit for quite a long time, considering that the whole operation of a restaurant may take some time.

Furthermore, with hotels, comfortable furniture pieces for lounging and/or working areas are optimal for guests to stay at. Hence, providing them a home-like experience as they are away from their homes.

To provide comfort, we strongly recommend considering the size, base materials, and finishes of the furniture pieces. Furniture must be of sufficient size considering its three dimensions, namely the length, width, and height. This is to appropriately occupy the sufficient area allotted for the space and also provide guests with enough space to work with.

Moreover, the right combination of base material and finish, such as either having upholstered ones or simple, smoothly polished ones, guarantees guests a comfortable experience.


Subsequently, design is next to comfort. The general look of the space makes a good first impression on guests and customers. Hotel and restaurant furniture must dominantly be trendy and sophisticated in an unpretentious manner at first glance without compromising comfort for a good balance.

Considering this, hotel and restaurant furniture must primarily harmonize with the general interior to avoid design inconsistencies and tragic aesthetic mishaps.

For starters, you should choose the right design that suits your hotel or restaurant. Such a design style should embody your ideals and mirrors the distinct identity of your establishment.

To further back your artistic choices, there are interior design trends to know in 2022 that are very timely and will surely help you achieve your desired style. There are also trends in furniture that you have to be aware of.



Determine the defining elements of the style that can be taken inspiration from or incorporated with the furniture pieces. These include the color palette, silhouette, and structure, to name a few.

Be more attentive in choosing the right color palette for your furniture. It is because the most prominent and easily noticeable element in the design is the color.

We recommend opting for neutral tones that are soft and appealing to the eyes. These include beige and ivory for wood and shades of gray for metal. The silhouette is generally based on the interior design style, but mostly, it is composed of curvaceous but minimalistic lines and geometry. Avoid abrasive fabrics for finishes of upholstery, rather, opt for softer and smoother fabrics.

A mix and match of different furniture pieces are also good. However, keep in mind that they must at least be sort of identical or complementary. We recommend that you be mindful of such trends and elements so as to achieve a uniform and consistent style from the general interior to the furniture pieces.

A sophisticated style is not necessarily complex in itself, simplicity and minimalism can also illustrate luxury and elegance.


It is also a vital factor that the hotel and restaurant furniture wholesale that you purchase is customizable. This is because it is when you can exercise your artistic and creative freedom with the furniture for your hospitality establishment.

Custom furniture pieces can be deemed adaptable since they can accommodate the artistic preferences of the purchaser. From the color scheme to the material and fabrics, customizable furniture provides an avenue for you to mix and match your preferences, putting in mind that such elements must be coherent and consistent.


Planning the floor layout of furniture pieces in allotted spaces for hotels and restaurants is very technical and quite challenging. You have to be mindful of the sizes and the quantities of the different pieces of furniture that are to be positioned strategically and comprehensively.

Always consider the table-chairs compatibility. This points out the essential correlation between tables and chairs, from the size of the table to the number of chairs. It is important to know the size and quantity of chairs that must be put around a table, especially when there is a variety of table sizes.

Also, consider the foot traffic that goes around the furniture sets. You should take into account the flow of operations so as not to cause obstructions and disrupt the operations.


Always make sure that there is a clear pathway around furniture sets and that there are optimal spaces in between furniture pieces. This way, you can guarantee a smooth flow of operations and avoid overcrowding.

Distinct Areas

To further emphasize the floor layout, we recommend that you have distinct or defined areas within the establishment. There are three common distinguishable areas in a hospitality establishment, namely lounge/booth area, standard dining area, and bar area.

We recommend using varying but complementary styles for furniture pieces in the different areas. This will greatly help to distinguish the areas from each other without compromising the harmony and coherence of the furniture sets.

Indoor or Outdoor

It is vital to determine whether the custom furniture pieces are for indoor or outdoor use. We recommend to consider the materials used for outdoor furniture pieces. It is important for the material to be of high quality since the outdoors is very prone to weathering and wear-and-tear.

For wood materials, it is important for the materials to be specially treated to withstand weathering effects since wood has the tendency to age and disintegrate as time passes. Furniture that uses metal as base material must be properly coated and sealed to avoid rusting.

It is also important to be mindful of the storage for outdoor furniture pieces. Since weathering effects can be quite strong and dangerous, it is practical to choose furniture that can be stacked and easily brought in for storage.


Proper maintenance of your furniture pieces plays a vital role when it comes to cost-efficiency. All furniture pieces and sets must be regularly maintained and inspected for damages. This includes treating woods, recoating metal frames, tightening loosened screws, and removing stains and unnecessary dirt stuck to fabrics.

It is vital to choose high-quality but low-maintenance materials so as to fully take advantage of the useful life of the furniture pieces.

Choose materials accordingly since outdoor furniture tends to be more high maintenance due to the constant exposure to weathering effects.


It is important when purchasing furniture to always be aware of the warranty. This ensures you security whenever a problem with your purchased furniture pieces occurs.

The warranty gives you the assurance that any unintentional problem that occurs with the furniture within the definite time of validity is covered, and you have nothing to worry much about. 

Look for your favorite hotle furniture.



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