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What are Advantages of Custom Hotel Furniture

Dec. 27, 2022
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This is a popular solution for any establishment in the hospitality industry. Before obtaining custom-made hotel furniture, we usually check ready-made furniture. However, it is considered as a reference. This is because the instant option will not fully satisfy your hotel project in terms of your professional business.

1. Style and hotel branding

Custom hotel furniture is dedicated to branding in the hotel industry. Hotels have a unique style of furniture that no one else can find anywhere else. By then, the hotel also has a unique look in the minds of its guests. In other words, the hotel creates an anchor point to distinguish itself. This can also create a link between many hotels of the same brand.


In addition to this, bespoke hotel furniture manufacturers bring hotel furniture designs to life. The manufacturer's capabilities give flexibility to the designer. From huge projects to tiny features, the right manufacturer can deliver and achieve high quality.


Hotel Furniture

2. Invest in quality

Luxury hotel furniture is extremely well qualified, when hotels invest heavily in bespoke hotel furniture. This is because we gain the power of quality control at every stage of manufacture in the factory. The furniture manufacturer not only adheres to strict requirements, but also reports to us constantly. As a result, we were fully aware of what was happening in the factory. When problems or errors occur, the manufacturer will address them until they are approved by us.


On the other hand, the cost of bespoke hotel furniture is more reasonable than off-the-shelf furniture. That's because we can get prices at the factory. We also have the opportunity to negotiate. In some cases, we can customise features to reduce expenditure if necessary. When you work with a middleman or general contractor, you can still get prices closer to factory prices. You can view our hotel furniture projects for more examples.


It is crucial to make the right decision as to which manufacturer will be responsible for your bespoke hotel furniture project. Consider that this depends entirely on the capabilities of the hotel furniture manufacturer.


3. Customisation and adaptability

Firstly, luxury hotel furniture needs to be customised to suit our hotel design. We can search for off-the-shelf furniture items. If we are lucky, we can have a suitable set of furniture that is similar or adaptable to the design of the hotel room. But this doesn't always happen. This is because the hotel design contains specific dimensions and looks. As a result, instant options can cause confusion.


Custom furniture is always suitable for a specific room. In fact, there are so many hotel rooms in the business plan. Therefore, we should take the time to think about how to arrange the rooms. When bespoke furniture is fixed in a room, it creates shapes and catches the eye locally.


The luxury hotel business is about the details. To clarify, we choose bespoke hotel furniture for the ability to customise. With a hotel furniture manufacturer, for example, we can choose solid wood or MDF and veneer as the main materials for our furniture. We can also create stunning features with brass and marble. Leather can be replaced without changing the basic design, suitable for chairs and sofas.



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