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Are Wooden Hangers Better Than Plastic Hangers?

Nov. 06, 2023
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Maximizing the benefits of your cloth hangers will not require much of a dry cleaning service. Having hangers in your closet helps to arrange the clothes neatly and strengthens it. The quality of the wooden coat hangers also influences the benefits you derive from them. As a result, this piece highly recommends a wooden hanger over a regular plastic hanger. As you read further, you will learn more about why wooden hangers are preferable options.


Wooden Hangers Bear More Weight Than Plastic Hangers

This wooden hanger is necessary for everyone who wants to tidy their room. It is made from eco-friendly material, which also has high durability. The wooden hanger is robust, allowing users to hang heavier weights than plastic hangers could not hold. Thus, the product is the perfect choice for wooden cloth hangers. Interestingly, customers can customize their preferred hanger size and logo whenever they buy from the Eisho manufacturing industry.


Wooden Hangers are Not Easy to Bend Like Plastic Hangers

Durability is one of the vital factors to consider when shopping for wooden coat hangers. Users can ensure long-term usage with the high-quality wood and metal materials used in creating the hanger. This hanger is also designed with clips to prevent your pants from falling off. Thus, it is highly recommended as the best wooden hanger for pants. Customers can also maximize the discount opportunity by purchasing in bulk. The manufactured color is neutral; however, you can customize your order to your preferred color.


Wooden Hangers Last Longer Than Plastic Hangers

To improve your hangers' longevity, you should buy materials not prone to rust or pest destruction. Also, plastic hangers will likely leave your clothes in bad shape. You want to avoid this as much as possible, especially if you often have impromptu outings. A wooden hanger keeps your clothes in shape without worrying about frequent ironing. It is even more interesting that this product from Eisho has anti-rust clips. Thus, if you desire a wooden hanger with clip, here is the right place to shop.



Wooden Hangers Look Classier for Closet Than Plastic Hangers

Wooden hangers add more aesthetic value or beauty to a closet than plastic hangers. The premium walnut hanger design will make you realize you do not need to overspend before acquiring a quality object. Meanwhile, the fancy design does not compromise the hanger's quality. As mentioned earlier, wooden hangers do not break easily, unlike plastic hangers. However, there is a maximum weight your hanger can accommodate, which is usually indicated in the package manual or description box. Nevertheless, you can be sure your coats will stay better on wooden hangers than on plastic hangers.



Knowing the benefits of a wooden hanger for clothes, you can start shopping today. Eisho has an experienced staff team that can always attend to customers' requests. The company's products are well-designed, including the packaging material. Thus, this is a good deal for individuals that want to get as much as 1000pcs. Feel free to contact the customer team here.




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