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Easy Guide to Choosing the Best Plastic Chairs for Your Home

Feb. 04, 2024
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Easy Guide to Choosing the Best Plastic Chairs for Your Home

Plastic chairs have been popular as lawn or outside furniture. For most people, once even the thought to  buy plastic chairs  for home was a big no. However, with their contemporary designs,  chairs  made of plastic are now popular ashome chairs too. With the advancement in designing and manufacturing,chairs made of plastic are now popularly used as  living room chairs.  They are lightweight, durable, low-maintenance, stylish, and come in numerous colours and designs. When you  buy plastic chairs,  you are sure that no trees were cut to make your furniture. And the best part, once discarded, they can be recycled, so they contribute very little to the carbon footprint. Therefore, it's no wonder you also want to liven your home with  plastic chairs.  So, let's go through the different types of plastic chairs and the guide to buying the best for your home.

Types of Plastic Chairs


Thermoplastic, when exposed to heat, can be softened to mould it into different shapes. The shape hardens once the plastic cools off. This type of plastic can also be reheated and reshaped many types without any harm to its chemical composition. Therefore, they are excellent for making  chairs  that can be recycled, reshaped and upcycled. These are the few types of thermoplastics:

  • Nylon

    - This is the most popular type of thermoplastic as it is highly solid and malleable. The chairs made of nylon are comfortable to sit and resistant to weather changes. 

  • Acrylic

    - Acrylic chairs are also popular as they are non-toxic, easy clean and UV resistant. 

  • PVC

    - PVC is a rigid, stiff and lightweight plastic. It is less moldable than other plastics. It is a popular choice for manufacturing as it is durable and economical. 

  • Polypropylene

    - It is the trendiest type of thermoplastic, as  

    plastic chairs

    made of it are unbreakable and lightweight. It has a natural feel and finish and is resistant to damage and weather degradation. 

  • Polythene

    - Polythene chairs have a waxy texture and are impact-resistant, dent-resistant, robust and rust-proof. 

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Thermosetting Plastics

Thermosetting plastics heat the chemicals to high temperatures and then cool them. However, they can't be reshaped once the thermosetting plastics are moulded or set in shape. So, they may not be recyclable. These are the few types of thermosetting plastics:

  • Bakelite

    - It is a sturdy and robust material used to make strong furniture pieces. 

  • Epoxy Resin

    - It is in the form of a paste before solidifying into a shape. It is mostly used as coating material, metal coatings, LEDs, electrical components, adhesives, etc. and not for furniture-making purposes. 

  • Melamine

    - Melamine is a thick, durable and intense thermosetting plastic. It can be moulded into various shapes but cannot be reshaped. Though chairs can be made of it but are more popular in making dinnerware, dry erase boards and laminate floorings. 

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Popular styles of Plastic Chairs

  • Panton Chairs

    - These are the trendiest style of chairs, perfect for a glam look to your home. They are in an s-shape back structure ideal for absolute comfort. 

  • Ghost Chairs

    - These are transparent chairs made in stylish designs. The modern look makes them ideal as  

    lounge chair

    .  A classy transparent

    lounge chair

    or two will enhance the look of your lounge by a manifold. 

  • Plasteel Chairs-

    These types of chairs are a unique combination of plastic with steel. Most designs of these chairs have steel legs with plastic bodies. This ensures the chairs have the sturdiness and strength of steel and the comfort and durability of plastic. 

    Arm plastic chair

    with steel legs is a rage these days as both indoor and  

    outdoor chairs

  • Baby Chairs-

    Specially designed keeping the little kids in mind, these chairs are colourful, sturdy and extremely comfortable. Though sometimes, they look like miniature versions of regular plastic  


    designs. Their multipurpose usage for sitting, playing, studying, etc., makes them an excellent choice for your kids. 

  • Geometric Design chairs-

    These are fancy design chairs made of plastic with a backrest or seat or both with interlaced geometric patterns. 

  • Perforated chairs-

    These styles of chairs usually have a perforated back. However, some designs can have perforated seats as well. These are designed keeping in mind the high temperatures of tropical countries as they promote air circulation.

  • Plastic sofa chairs-

    For the glam of a sofa with the durability, portability, design and comfort of a plastic chair, you can go for a plastic  

    sofa chair

    . They blend in perfectly with all kinds of home decor and add a pop of style to your home. 

Guide to follow while buying plastic chairs for your home

Identify the purpose

You should know the purpose of the chairs. Whether they will beutility chairs or accent pieces in yourliving room? Depending on their purpose, you can select the designs and styles. 

Decide the Styles and quantity

Once you have finalised the purpose of your plastic chairs, you need to complete the style and number of chairs required for each style. Different styles of chairs are suitable for different rooms. Similarly, too many or few chairs will either crowd or leave you with fewer seating places. 

Chose the design and colour scheme

While purchasing plastic chairs for your home, remember to pay attention to the aesthetics. The chairs should complement your home décor. So, their size, design and colour should be in sync with your home décor or the room they are chosen for. 

Complete the look

Add other complimenting furniture to your chairs for a cohesive look for your home. For your living room, you can add a stylishcentre table or aside table for your lounge. 


Now that you have an idea on the type, style, colour and number of plastic chairs you will need for your home. All remaining is the actual purchase. To purchase the best plastic chairs and furniture for your home, you can check out


1. The chair is durable.

Durability is one of the highest priorities when it comes to buying chairs for your home. You have to think long-term when buying chairs so that you will know that they are good investments and will not break or fall apart in just a few months of use.

In terms of durability, not all furniture materials are created equal. For example, if you are planning to buy wooden chairs, it is important to note that wood is not as durable as iron or plastic because it degrades very easily when exposed to environmental elements such as water and humidity. Pests are another problem often encountered by wooden furniture, and rotting is possible when the material is not properly treated prior to chair production.

The best choice for durability is plastic. It is immune to natural elements and can even withstand harsh sunlight when manufactured with UV protection. Durability and strength are the two best qualities of plastic chairs. When deciding which chair has the best value for money, the MAKA plastic chairs are your best buys!

2. The chair passes international standards.

When buying plastic chairs, you have to inspect if they have passed international standards. There are different tests done on chairs manufactured for household use, and here are some of them:

EN 12520

The EN 12520 test is used in the European Standards testing on chairs for domestic use. It specifically checks the durability, strength, and safety of the chair prior to market roll-out. Various stress tests on the seating weight limit, balance, and usage are done to ensure that the minimum safety standards are met by the chairs you are buying.

Every type of plastic chair offered by MAKA Furniture has passed the EN 12520. This ensures that the chairs you are buying will not tilt, tip over, or become unbalanced when you sit on them. The chairs are also stated to have a maximum weight limit of 110 kilograms, which covers every body type of a person or the load weight of the things that you can stack on the chairs.

EN 581

The EN 581 is a European Standards testing on furniture for outdoor use. It covers chairs and tables used for camping and outdoor domestic settings. Different mechanical safety requirements have to be marked as passed before being awarded with the EN 581 certification. Some of the tests done on outdoor furniture are stability testing, load testing, and durability.

MAKA Furniture has a range of plastic chairs that are designed for outdoor seating in settings such as gardens, patios, decks, and verandas. These chairs have passed the EN 581 certification, which means that they are suitable for outdoor use and can retain their durability, strength, and stability even when exposed to environmental elements.

Here is an example of an EN 581 certification, specifically for MAKA Outdoor Song I Chair 2047:

ISO 4892

The ISO 4892 is a specialized certification that provides evidence of UV protection of outdoor furniture. It means that when a plastic chair passes the testing requirements, it is well protected against aging, fading, and cracking. This is a significant factor in considering a plastic chair for an outdoor home setup because you have to ensure that your chairs will last for a long time without experiencing degradation in quality.

As part of the testing procedure for ISO 4892, a chair sample is exposed to laboratory UV light to mimic the natural conditions of a chair under direct sunlight. When the quality doesn’t change after a specified period of time, the certification is given.

Here is a closer look at the exact procedure and results when one of the MAKA plastic chairs is tested for UV protection:

3. The chair can withstand different weather conditions.

Knowing your location’s climate and typical weather conditions will help you choose the best plastic chairs for your home. If you are residing in a place where weather conditions are harsh and tend to fluctuate easily, then the chairs you will buy should be able to withstand changing weather conditions. In tropical countries, the plastic chairs should be of the highest quality and durable enough to stay in one piece despite typhoons, high humidity, and high heat index. On the other hand, if you’re living in a temperate region that experiences hurricanes, snowstorms, and other extreme weather conditions, your plastic chair must be durable, stackable, and easy to shove into storage.

Plastic chairs manufactured by MAKA are practically immune to forces and elements of nature. They are not prone to fading, rotting, breaking, or cracking since they are made of top-quality raw materials. You are truly getting the value of your investment when you buy MAKA plastic chairs for your indoor or outdoor home use.

4. The chair offers comfort to anyone sitting on it.

Whether you are using your chairs in a living room, dining room, or outdoor setting, they should offer maximum comfort and convenience to those who will be using them. There should be ample support for the back, spine, and thighs, and the chairs should not cause back or neck pains even with long sitting.

In this day and age when working and studying arrangements are gradually shifting from the traditional office or classroom setup into a home office setup, chair comfort is of top consideration. Chairs are one of the most non-negotiable furniture inside the home, and user comfort is a must-needed quality when buying your plastic chairs.

MAKA plastic chairs are designed for ergonomic seating, which promotes proper posture and overall health. Safety and comfort are one of the main pillars of quality across all MAKA furniture products.

5. The chair complements your home design.

Finding a chair that perfectly fits your existing interior design can be quite time-consuming and energy-draining. However, style is an important factor when choosing which quality chairs to shop for. There are plenty of options in the furniture industry, and you can go window-shopping in physical stores or go online shopping in online furniture shops or websites such as MAKA Furniture’s official website.

To choose the best plastic chair for your home, you may check out MAKA’s full catalogue of plastic chairs. For better reference, here is a detailed guide to styling your dining room with armchairs. MAKA plastic chairs are versatile in their design and can complement your personal style in interior design. For example, there are chairs that are tailor-fit for traditional, rustic, beach-themed, and Scandinavian home interiors, and the range of options doesn’t stop there!

MAKA also offers fully customized plastic chairs depending on your requirements and specifications. The chairs can be custom-made according to your chosen style, color, and material.

6. The chair is environment-friendly.

With the threats of global warming and climate change, people have been more conscious in buying eco-friendly furniture that will help lessen the impact on environmental degradation. This is why choosing plastic chairs that are both sustainable and eco-friendly should be one of your top priorities.

Being eco-friendly does not decrease a furniture’s quality. It is also a common misconception that the only eco-friendly materials are wood and bamboo. The truth is, you are also contributing to environment protection when you buy chairs that are made of recycled plastic. To better know why eco-friendly chairs are getting more and more popular and how you can choose the best sustainable plastic chair for your home, here is a blog post to help you out: Why Eco Friendly Material Furniture Is Becoming More and More Popular?

From manufacturing to distribution and then to utilization, MAKA plastic chairs carry their promise of sustainability and eco-friendliness. Buying MAKA plastic chairs will help you jumpstart your journey toward a zero-waste and eco-friendly lifestyle!

7. The chair is a practical investment.

Chairs do not have to be expensive to be worthy of your home. Some chairs have a gold price tag on them but they don’t live up to your expectations. It is a good practice to check if the chairs that you are buying are practical to use, functional, and elegant at the same time.

MAKA plastic chairs are wise investments because you are getting valuable furniture without breaking the bank. Affordability is of utmost consideration because MAKA caters to different markets across a range of purchasing power, from the middle class residential owners up to the commercial and business establishments. MAKA also understands that homeowners have budget considerations to stick with, and the plastic chairs offered by the company are economical while still maintaining their high quality.

8. The chair is patented.

Another important factor in buying plastic chairs for your home is the patent. Nowadays, there are plenty of knock-off products in the global market; a lot of stores are offering budget-friendly chairs, but the quality is compromised. Aside from poor quality, there may be legal implications in patronizing a company that steals ideas and designs from others. This is why you have to ask for a proof of patent to make sure that you are buying from a legitimate and original source rather than an imitator.

All the chairs manufactured and supplied by MAKA Furniture passed a rigorous assessment and patenting process to ensure that they are 100% original. Innovation and creativity are always shown in every design and detail of MAKA plastic chairs.

Here is a list of some of the patents filed by MAKA in the European Union Intellectual Property Office:

9. The chair is quality-checked and packed properly.

Another way to prove the quality of the chairs that you are buying is to do multiple stress tests before shipping or transportation. Drop testing is a popular process that will ensure that the plastic chairs will not break easily due to mishandling. Load testing will prove that the chairs can be stacked and packed even with a heavy load on top, just in case they will be shipped along with other heavy cargo.

As you can see, MAKA sees to it that the plastic chairs being distributed and shipped out are checked across multiple quality assurance tests and packed properly to get to their destination in their original quality. The chairs are also packed in a way that utilizes recyclable and environment-friendly packaging materials, thus giving off minimal carbon footprint through its transportation procedure.

Here is a sneak peak to how MAKA packs, loads, and transports valuable furniture from the factory straight to your doorstep.

10. The chair is easy to clean, stack, and maintain.

Unlike wood, metal, and stone furniture that is difficult to clean and maintain, plastic furniture is relatively easier to care for. Plastic chairs are not prone to rusting, corrosion, or decay, which means that they will last a very long time when maintained properly.

Cleaning plastic chairs is a no-fuss, easy task to do. Most of the time, they just need water to remove dust and grime. Washing with non-bleach soap once in a while can also keep the chairs in tiptop shape. Plastic chairs are weather-resistant, heat-resistant, and not prone to color fading, so they are perfect investments for long-term use.

MAKA plastic chairs are lightweight and stackable, providing you with so much flexibility in organizing and arranging them in whatever home layout and design you wish. They are easy to move around, stack along the wall, or store in a room for future use.

Shopping for MAKA plastic chairs will guarantee you the peace of mind that you deserve and the touch of creativity for your home. There are plenty of options to choose from in the online catalog, and you can even mix and match some furniture pieces for a unique and colorful ambiance to your lovely home.

Easy Guide to Choosing the Best Plastic Chairs for Your Home

10 Signs that You are Buying Top Quality Plastic Chair for Your Home



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