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How Do You Make Artificial Flowers Look Real?

Jan. 05, 2023
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Our realistic-looking, well-made artificial plants, flowers and indoor greenery are a great way to decorate your favourite spaces. Because they are man-made wonders. So there's no need to worry about care. No watering required. No need for natural light. You don't have to think about their survival when you're away on holiday.


Because artificial plants make any space feel like an extension of the outdoor world, they bring a sense of calm indoors. Place your artificial plants wherever you want, even in a windowless, sunless room, and enjoy the soothing harmony of foliage and flowers.


You can do all this by.

Change your plants at any time. As artificial plants can be stored away when not in use, you can easily change the style and variety for a new look at any time.


Artificial Flowers


A tree in your home! Trees provide the height and extra presence that fill a space. They are both calming and dramatic in terms of creating atmosphere.


Add plant designs to accentuate any surface. For consoles and tables, consider the shape. Like sculptural foliage, rounded and full, or lacy, airy foliage. Treat your plants with finesse.


Define the atmosphere of any room or space. Because different green plants can define a room.


How do you make fake flowers that look like the real thing?

This is probably the most common question I am asked when people are considering buying fake, artificial or 'faux' flowers and plants. "How do I make fake flowers look real". The truth is that if you invest in high quality artificial flowers and plants, they will already look very much like the real thing. The manufacturing process has improved dramatically over the years and everything from individual stems to complete arrangements are available in competitive displays with live plants and flowers.

Artificial Flowers

Can you still buy artificial flowers that look cheap at big box stores and hobby shops? Absolutely.


But if you want your investment to look great for years to come, you should take your time, do your research and buy from a reputable seller who offers quality artificial flowers.

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But remember, while some plants can be replicated almost perfectly, others are very difficult to replicate in a way that looks authentic, no matter what the cost.


So use your 'gestalt' and look carefully at the product images to see if they represent the look you want. At Faux Trees 'N Shrubs we offer the ability to zoom in on most of the images in our online catalogue so you can examine the appearance of foliage, stems and potting material more closely.


Artificial Flowers


With a new flower, plant or arrangement, there are several steps you can take to add more realism to your arrangement.


Slightly bend the stems - Live flowers don't all stand upright. They droop and slope. Bend the stems of artificial flowers to make them look more realistic.


Hide the base - choose a suitable container and cover the foam with moss or greenery to give the arrangement a more realistic look.


Rotate arrangements - most live flower arrangements have a natural lifespan of two weeks or less. If you change your artificial flower arrangement every fortnight, it will take on the appearance of flowers.


Dust them every month - Live flowers usually die before they have a chance to collect dust, but your artificial arrangement will last for years. Be sure to dust them regularly, not only will they look great, but it will reduce the likelihood of the dust becoming an allergy to you.

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