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What Do You Know About Tubular Locks?

Dec. 20, 2022
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What is a Tubular Lock?

Tubular locks, also known as round pin locks or radial locks, these locks are equipped with high security toggle switches. The non-reversing pins are arranged in a circle and require a key to open the lock. The notch of the key is located at its farthest end. The depth and spacing of the notches should match the location of the pins. The tubular key has two notches, one on the inside of the key and one on the outside. These notches align the key with the face of the lock. Without them, the key can enter any position. The bite of the key pushes the pins back, bringing them closer to the cut line. When all pins are aligned, the key is free to turn the plug.

Tubular locks are commonly used for small gun safes, vending machines, computer locks, etc. They are highly secure locks designed to prevent theft.

Tubular Knobset 5 Series

How do they work?

The tubular lock gets its name from the circular shape of the keyway. It has a basic ring-shaped hole with a solid metal cylinder in the middle. There can be 6 to 8 pins in the ring gap (usually 7 or 8). The lock uses a basic poppet system, but there are several important differences. In contrast to standard pins and poppers that move the key pin vertically, the key pin is pushed in horizontally on a tubular lock. As a result, the plug (which holds the key pin) is located in the same cylinder as the Bible (which holds the drive pin and spring).

The key has a round shape with an opening in the middle and a groove on the outside of the circle. Due to the shape of the key, there must be a way to identify the correct way to insert it. The notch in the key will correspond to a similarly shaped hole in the keyway. Usually, the notch is rectangular, so the lock hole usually looks like a power button on a computer. Trying to insert the key without aligning the notch with the hole will prevent you from inserting the key. Once the key is properly installed in the keyhole, it will press the key pin into the correct depth.

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Tubular Unlocking Tips

Clean the lock before opening it. Wash dirty hair with warm water and soap to remove dust or debris. If the lock is rusty, try to remove as much rust as possible. This is necessary because if the lock is clean, you will be able to unlock it more easily.

Unlocking Locks with a Ball Point Pen

Here are a few steps you can follow.

Step 1

First, you need to cut off the tip of the ballpoint pen with scissors. You can then remove the ink tube, as the outside of the pen will be used to open the lock. If you are using a retrievable pen, simply remove the cap from the end of the pen and pull the ink tube from the inside. Also, make sure that the diameter of the pen is the same or even smaller than the diameter of the lock hole.

Step 2

Make four vertical slots in the back of the pen. When you slide the pen into the tube lock, the pen should be flexible enough so that you can easily open the lock. To do this, you will need to make four vertical notches on the back of the handle. You can use a pair of scissors to do this.

Step 3

Once you feel that the handle has been successfully inserted into the lock, hold the handle with one hand and shake the lock with your other hand. Keep shaking the lock hard until it opens. If it does not open after several attempts, call a residential locksmith to replace the tubular lock.

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