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Importance of retro in design - Visual Architects

Nov. 28, 2023
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Some designs are timeless, they grab your attention no matter how many times you’ve seen them. Retro styles are popular not just because they look great but because they create a feeling of nostalgia even for people who never lived through the eras that inspired the design.

When picking an era that you want to capture it is important to choose one that communicates the message of your event or brand. Whether this is the pastel shades and optimism of the fifties or the neon lights and bold colours of the eighties, the atmosphere that you are trying to create can only be improved by adding something familiar to the mix. Creating an interior that communicates a lifestyle surrounding your business or event is a great way to engage your guests and the vintage imagery lends itself perfectly to it. The colours, patterns and props from your chosen era already hold meaning to the people viewing them.

At Visual Architects we understand the impact that a retro style can have, and that’s why we have a number of predesigned retro interiors for you to pick from. Imagine what it would be like to step inside an arcade game, and what you’re imagining probably comes pretty close to our Neon Disco. With Bright neon lights and eye-catching patterns this design encapsulates the eighties perfectly and would look perfect at any party, festival or club night.

Our Pop Art theme has a quirky, comic book feel that has proven engaging and popular since its peak in the 1960s. With its bright coloured canopy and hanging graphic shapes this interior really makes a statement while still giving off a free and easy atmosphere.

Whatever era you want to bring to life, Visual Architects can help you with anything from neon signs to vintage props. The retro look is a timeless and effective way to stamp your brand in the customers imagination and to make your event, shop or business interior stand out.
















The past few years have seen a major resurgence of 1900s fashion styles and, now in 2021 “retro” fashion is modern fashion. It’s no longer that vintage items are incorporated in modern fashion with a ‘70s style here and a ‘90s style there. The singular hottest fashion trend for 2021 is retro fashion itself. Pairing a ‘70s jean silhouette with a ‘90s crop top and ‘20s accessories is a 2021 look in and of itself.

Where does this push towards retro and vintage-inspired looks come from, and why is it becoming even more prevalent in the 2020s era?

 1. Personal nostalgia

“Vintage” for younger generations is the same as childhood or teen-hood for others. Gen Xers miss the late ‘80s and ‘90s fashion that defined their formative teen years. Millennials are loving that the baguette bag from the early 2000s is back. That’s because we have a nostalgia for those fashion styles that we used to wear during our carefree days. Fashion holds a lot of sentimental significance, particularly as a form of self-expression, so bringing back styles from our younger days feels like a return to a simpler time.

2. Nostalgia of the times 

But it’s not just personal nostalgia, either. A lot of people have a nostalgia for times they never lived in. We watch old movies and listen to music that were cool even before we were born, and we’re thrown back to that historical period to imagine what it was like. Putting on vintage clothing from a specific period can reignite the feelings of a specific era, time-traveling us to a different era. For example, ‘70s designs and styles are super popular right now because it’s reminiscent of the Woodstock-era of rebellion, freedom, music, and love, which a lot of young people are clinging to in today’s climate as well. Vintage clothing lets us live in a time we never lived in and experience a piece of history.

3. Self-expression

What’s so beautiful about 2021 fashion is that there are a lot of trends from different eras. There is a lot of room to express your individuality and focus on fashion self-care by choosing those retro pieces that most speak to you. You can be creative with your outfits based on what you like, who you want to be, and what you want to feel like.

 4. Sustainability

This is the most poignant of the reasons in the movement towards vintage. People are becoming more and more aware of the impact that their consumer choices have on the environment. We’re collectively realizing that fast fashion is wasteful and damaging to the environment. From enormous amounts of textile waste to harmful chemicals used during production, the quick churning out of new fashion trends is not-so-slowly killing our planet.

Today’s conscious consumers are looking to help save the planet through upcycled and reclaimed fashion from secondhand stores. As more and more fashionistas are moving towards the consignment and pre-loved fashion world, we’re seeing more pieces that were once considered “old” coming back into style. Consignment stores like Current Boutique are making sustainable fashion accessible and “cool.”

Want more info on this? Check out some of our resources about sustainable fashion here:

 5. Price is right

Lots of people want to buy luxury and designer brands, but “new” pieces are often out of budget. Purchasing vintage and pre-loved pieces are less expensive than buying new ones, which allows for more people to have access to high-quality and feel-good pieces. At Current Boutique, we sell designer pieces at a fraction of their original ticket price, making luxury more accessible while still retaining that special, lavish feel that comes with wearing a designer piece.

6. True trends are timeless

The classics are always in style. The “latest” trends may be cool, but they’re not for everyone (not everyone wants to rock platform thigh-high boots in their everyday life). But those “classic” looks are made for everyone.

Vintage styles were made for the masses who wanted quality clothing that could be worn by all—and that same sentiment still holds today. Though classic looks may be revamped for modern day, the integrity of the style stays intact. Fashion trends are like a wheel that come and go as the wheel spins, but certain evergreen styles are the hub and spokes that hold it all together.

We love retro!

Retro clothing is eco-friendly in a growing demand for sustainability, while also letting us travel through time in a nostalgic yearning for the past. It’s like adventuring to a new place and time but at the same time capturing the unique journey of your individualism. There’s something so fun and special about finding a pre-loved vintage piece that’s ready to have its resurgence and day in the sun with you, its new owner!

That’s what we do at Current Boutique. We revitalize timeless styles for the modern wardrobe through sustainable secondhand clothing. Start browsing for your next retro-chic look!

Importance of retro in design - Visual Architects

Why Retro Fashion Is The New Modern Trend



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