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The advantage of vintage. - Spaces

Nov. 28, 2023
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The advantage of vintage.

Some people don’t get it at all. The love of things used, of things with a story and a history. Vintage, antique, pre-loved, pre-owned, historic; these are all terms that actually have the same meaning. Objects that are kept, restored, fixed up or re-arranged. In this day and age of over-consumption it’s good to not always go for new. Finding old treasures and giving new life, is actually a very modern way of thinking.

Why old is the new new

When thinking of vintage, many people think of clothes, cars or furniture. When it comes to, for example clothing, vintage is really having a reboot. This is probably due to the fact that there’s so many fast-consumer-clothes on the high street, making people appreciate the art of well made clothes more. Vintage clothes are often made with more care and detail, standing the test of time. The same goes for furniture; there’s still a big market for antiques, vintage (50s and 70s) furniture is also making a huge comeback in the last few years.

It’s all about character

Vintage and antique are not just restricted to consumer goods. The love for property can also divide people between modern and historic. The perks of modern is that a building’s lay-out is conform modern demands, with plugs, airconditioning and all modern fittings. But what this often lacks is, character. A modern building can grow into its character by its users. A historic building will have instant character. With ornate detailing, large windows or bay windows, staircases and high ceilings; there’s not much to add to give a historic building life.

Mix and match

But what if we told you that a mix of both old and new is the best option yet to be discussed. Having a historic building, with all the vintage features and details but adding full modern fittings, is the best combo there is. Because mixing what you love with what you need, is exactly what every company should look for when seeking office space. So if this appeals to you, why not book a tour at our new Spaces Keizersgracht location? A location located  on the corner of Keizersgracht and the Spiegelstraat, in the lovely antique & fine arts district, this latest Spaces addition will combine historic features with modernity therefore appealing to both vintage lovers and modern aficionado’s alike.

Add some style to your day by following my outfits on Instagram! ❤️

The best time to wear vintage is all the time. If you’re not yet wearing the styles of yesteryear then what are you waiting for? Here are five compelling reasons to follow my lead:

  • Old styles really had it going on.
  • Vintage clothes come from thrift stores and you can meet the neatest people there + everything is cheap.
  • There’s a high chance somebody died in those clothes and in some strange way you’re continuing their legacy. Don’t mess this up!
  • I can guarantee you won’t run into somebody else wearing the exact same thing.
  • Your hat just might get complimented on by a strange man at the Dollar Tree.

What are you favorite reason for wearing vintage clothes?
Black dress – $4 (thrifted)
Plaid top – .50 cents (thrifted)
Coat – free (garage sale)
Yellow tights – gift from
Pork pie hat – paid w/ gift card (
Hashtag necklace – $1 (Walmart)
Red lipstick – Really Red by Revlon


The advantage of vintage. - Spaces

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